Friday, May 7, 2010

Awesome! Or am I behind the times?

So, one of the things that has bothered me about D&D 4E for a long time was the inability for small characters to ride mounts of medium size.  The rule in the DMG says, "Your mount must be larger than you, and no smaller than Large size."  Since my group is not so keen on using house-rules, my halfling character has been riding a mule (still large sized) for quite a while.  I've wanted to ride a wolf or dog or boar (or something) for a while, but the rules prevented this.

Low and behold I stumble across the errata (my group doesn't usually look into eratta) and what do I find?  The errata says to ditch the "and no smaller than Large size." limitation.  Woo hoo!

Guess what I'm getting?

I'm curious, am I way behind the times?  Has this rule been changed recently, or way back when?

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  1. To be honest ... I've been playing 4E pretty extensively for the past 18 months or so and I haven't run across this one either. However ... I haven't been playing a small character either :) Interesting stuff, its good to know they updated it to reflect a more realistic allowance.

  2. Hi Charisma, I can't say I ever knew about that limitation - but then we always played fast and loose anyway. I was happy to let halfling PCs ride medium beasts, but it would certainly explain why I had to make my own goblin wolf riders...

    I can't really think why they'd put it in the first place, unless it's to stop small PCs hitching a ride on other party members?

    P.S. My guess is... a wolf? ;-)

  3. We always joked about making "Master Blaster."


  4. Yes! That would be awesome!

    ...actually, it might be pretty interesting to play - can you take "dump" stats below 8 in 4e?

  5. Other than the RPGA rules, there's no reason you can't. And what/who's master blaster?