Monday, April 26, 2010

I Love Twilight, But Please No RPG

I'm sure there are movies and TV shows out there that have successfully converted to a role-playing game. Twilight should not be one of them. Serenity did a good job, but I'm not sure about Buffy. I also don't know how Stargate SG-1 is doing as a role-playing game. What I do know is that Twilight would just not work.

Most RPGs circle the field of action and rewards. Twilight is too focused on falling in love. I don't know about you, but that gets a little creepy when role-playing it out at the table (either with another player or GM). Besides that, it's too hard to focus your game in a direction other than what the movie takes.

One more thing: I love reading about Twilight, sitting in my comfy chair with my cat in my lap, purring. I love watching the movies with my fatty popcorn, while snuggled in my pajamas on the couch. It's one of those things that takes me to my happy place. Don't saturate that with an RPG, one that I would reluctantly buy just to get more of a fix - and then ultimately be disappointed.

Sorry, this isn't meant to be some deep, intellectual musing of the relationship between movies and RPGs, it's just the random thought of the day for me. And yes, I think Ashley Greene (Alice) is beautiful - she would almost make me venture to the other side. :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I agree. There is one system which has romance/love as a primary focus of the game ... potentially if players go there ... its called Houses of the Blooded. However with that system its just as much about conflict, combat, exploration, political intrigue, etc.

  2. I tend to agree...but there are systems out there.

    "Blue Rose" and even some of the WoD books can focus more on interpersonal stories than "killing things and taking their stuff".

    You could even try this in the Buffy RPG, but it might take more work.

    I would say the biggest element would be what is it your players want to do?

    I talked to a couple of the designers of the new WoD games and their own personal games were much more inter-personal and reflective, even to the point where one commented to me "they are all Mages with the powers to bend reality to their will and they want to know what song is on the radio and how they feel about that."

    A good system should allow for all sorts of play.

    So maybe an official Twilight RPG is a bad idea, but using some the elements of what make Twilight so popular in an RPG is not.

    And yes. Ashley Greene is very cute.