Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm So Excited!

I've been a gamer for a few years, and have grown to love the roleplaying hobby. I've always wanted to have a website, but I am soooo not into computers (actually, computers just hate me). So when I saw an opportunity to write for a new blog (, I took it. Tourq's been really cool, and I can't wait to start posting over there. That's what got me to start this blog. A friend helped set it up for me, and I'm ready to go (I'm sure I'll ruin the internet by managing this website, though).

At the Stuffer Shack, I'll be posting my thoughts about how to take gaming to the next level. Over here, I'll just be posting my thoughts on gaming in general, about other articles from other sites (that I think are a good read), and maybe a few pictures that I like.

Thanks for reading!


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