Monday, May 17, 2010

Flying Mounts, Really?

I've only been gaming for a couple of years, but so far it's been a blast.  Most of the games I've done involve fantasy, and I'm cool with that.  With all of my characters in all the games I've played, we usually start out on foot, and then progress to horses.  It didn't really matter what we were playing; warhorses were usually our top mounts.

Now, with 4e, it seems that as you level, you get to ride beasts other than horses.  I think that's great, I think that's totally cool.  And, the rules for it are pretty fluid, too.  It's cool when your horse moves 10, or your wolf moves 8, and they each have their own special abilities. 

My question is this: Has anyone really tested out flying mounts?  I mean, I know there are flying mounts in the book, and flying rules in the DMG, and revised flying rules... I'm just wondering how it's gone in other peoples' games.  We haven't come across any flying mounts, and the DM isn't too keen on them.

So, what's up?  Does it work?  Should my dwarf-sized hobbit go after that Griffon?

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  1. Yea. I have been struggling with that myself quite a bit. Honestly, I think the rules work and are fair, but I just don't see how they get utilized well in the standard 4e Delve format. If you get into some open world gaming, they could be very well utilized for traveling a big sandbox. Really, the problem I have with all this is that I just don't see my players ever wanting to pick up a mount at all given that it won't really be useful all the time.

    I actually wrote a blog post about this very recently. You can check it out here: